Philosophy of Christian Education

Education has become the means to an end. The means to financial security and to material comforts. But what about education as the means to a flourishing soul? To the betterment of the individual and society?

We see Jesus reflect this philosophy on education—that it should be purposeful, directional and tied to each student’s calling and mission—when he called Peter to follow him. Jesus didn’t promise to make Peter a successful fisherman. Instead, Jesus promised to make Peter a fisher of men.

He tied the offer of education and development to Peter’s own unique calling and mission. Jesus saw the education system the Pharisees had put in place and rather then rejecting it, he redeemed it.

Kilns College is redefining higher education to include an emphasis on character development, spiritual formation, and compassion. Education should challenge us and speak to our character.

We offer a creative, relational environment for students to grow their character, incorporate justice into their daily living, experience adventure and form relationships as they learn God’s mission for their lives.