Campaign priorities

Priority One: Educate future generations of Christian Leaders
Inspire, equip and empower people of influence from all walks of life to understand creativity and leadership, and to develop the discernment and application of personal strengths and calling.

Kilns will launch its second graduate degree - a Master of Arts in Innovation & Leadership in fall 2015. Through this program, students will be exposed to seasoned creatives and leaders from an array of industries and backgrounds, and gain historical and practical perspective on how to bring innovative leadership to the areas of stewardship God has given them.

Employ leaders to teach in the program. As iron sharpens iron and so one person sharpens another (Prov. 27:17). Leadership is more than power. It is more than directing people. It is certainly more than wealth or fame. True leaders possess discernment, humility, grace and a prayerful spirit. Kilns employs strong leaders to teach and mentor students through these intangible qualities of leadership.

Priority Two: Be a shaping voice in global Christianity
Participate in global conversations and establish a network of thought leaders, scholars and activists around the world to tackle important kingdom issues.

Expand Distance Learning Program: As we head into the second year of our distance learning program, we continue to attract students nationally, as well as internationally. These students are having conversations with friends, colleagues and families and continually expanding the Kilns network.

Successfully launch Kilns’ ‘Satellite’ Network: Our goal is to equip Christian leaders, advocates and ministry professionals to positively impact their communities. As such, in 2015 we will launch our Satellite Network, which will provide churches and nonprofit organizations the opportunity to be part of Kilns College. Each network will be comprised of 10-20 students and include a class or component specific to the on-site ministry through which they are participating.

Guest Lecturers: Our network is vast and still growing. Kilns believes students can learn a great deal from practitioners in the field — whether here on the West Coast or around the globe in Chiang Rai, Thailand or Jerusalem, Israel.