The Time is now

In 1980, the average cost of tuition was $3,101. Today, the average cost of tuition is $18,947 per year ($21,667 per year for a Christian education) — numbers that have greatly surpassed the rate of inflation. Federal loan programs now disburse more than $35 billion annually. Unfortunately, these numbers continue to increase as students pursue graduate-level course work.

As a result, students are searching for affordable learning options and flocking to distance learning communities, which are more affordable and allow students the flexibility of learning from anywhere, at their own pace. A nontraditional institution such as Kilns College is in an optimal position to address these needs within higher education. Kilns has a thriving distance learning community, founded on our strong academic foundation and vast expertise. Kilns is not just a run-of-the-mill online program, rather we desire to create a vibrant community despite the miles that separate students. We have frequent opportunities for students to visit campus, learn together, and interact with professors and onsite students.