Why Kilns?

Kilns College is an innovative, entrepreneurial, start-up college grounded in theology and Christian liberal arts. The vision of Kilns is to provide three mutually reinforcing and theologically grounded graduate-level programs that serve 100-200 on site students and 100+ distance students per year.

Many colleges and universities today carry excessive operational costs (in many instances passed on to the student), yet Kilns College operates an innovative model focused directly on the learning process and free from the cumbersome bureaucracy and static nature of traditional institutions. We invest funds directly to the academic experience, including state-of-the-art classroom technology, top-rated faculty and guest lecturers, a vast network of partner organizations, significant online library resources and mentorship opportunities. Focusing on the academic and spiritual aspects of learning rather than pouring money into large campus buildings, groundskeeping, cafeterias and gym facilities allows Kilns to responsibly steward its resources.