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Forum: Christian Thought & Cultural Contexts

Enjoy brilliant talks to engage with current issues in the context of theology, philosophy and culture. Kilns College forums happen around this world so don't miss the opportunity to seek your personal calling when we are near you.

The Hong Kong Forum will explore the general concept of Christian thought and how a robust faith and education can function within your unique cultural setting to effect change Exploring the Philosophy of Religion and the history of Christian Thought, attendees will have the opportunity to trace patterns and understand how to move forward -- and be the change in today’s world.

Our Presentors:

Ken Wytsma: Ken Wytsma is a leader, innovator, and social entrepreneur. His work takes him around the world as a international speaker on justice, theology, and leadership. Ken is known for his depth of insight and ability to inspire others to think deeply about faith, life, and leadership. He is also the founder of The Justice Conference, which has reached over thirty thousand people across seven countries with a message on a theology of justice and God’s call to give our lives away, and the founder of Kilns College, where he teaches courses on philosophy and justice. Ken is the author of Pursuing Justice, The Grand Paradox, Create vs. Copy and The Myth of Equality, recently named as one of the top five Religion books of 2017 by Publishers Weekly.

Andrew Gardener: Born in the UK, Andrew moved to Hong Kong at age 12, where he met and later married his wife, Christine. They have a beautiful adopted daughter Mia. Andrew holds a Master of Theology, oversees the executive leadership team at The Vine, and is devoted to creatively telling the gospel story.

Event Overview:

Friday, May 18 - Enjoy a meet and greet with our speakers on Friday night and then our first session together.

Saturday, May 19 - After some coffee and light breakfast we will begin our day that includes three - one hour sessions followed by Q&A. Ken Wytsma and Andrew Gardener will lead our time together but will be joined by others for thoughts and conversations around Christian Thoughts in a specific context for Hong Kong's culture.

Academic Credit:

Kilns College is a dynamic graduate program that offers the most relevant and timeless instruction to prepare leaders of change in a global context. Kilns College Forums can be taken for graduate credit in one of the Kilns degree programs: Theology & Social Justice, Theology & Culture, or Innovation & Leadership. If you would like to start ot continue your journey toward a graduate degree through the Kilns College Fourm please contact Kilns Admission Director Katie Ford at

Kilns College Forum is also available for non-credit to any particiapnts interested in joining the learning group. 

Other Information:

Accomodations: There are several great hotels within walking distance to The Vine Church. All guests are responsibile for their own accomodations.

Meals: Drinks and refreshments will be provided during our sessions. All guests are responsible for their own meals.

Airport: Hong Kong International Airport is the nearest airport to The Vine Church. All guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

Transportation: Taxi's and Uber are available in Hong Kong. All guests are responsible for their own transportation.

Questions? Please contact Katie Ford.

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