Immutable truth for a
fast-paced, shifting world.

Kilns College is a virtual community of diverse professors and students from around
the globe, called to change a changing world. Founded on timeless Christian tenets,
Kilns offers 3 unique Masters of Arts programs designed to educate and empower
students to be voices of positive transformation and to engage in a fast-paced, global
culture that never stops changing.
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Purposefully designed
for a new way of learning

Kilns College is purposefully designed as a global, virtual campus
to respond to today’s diverse and intersecting world. By embracing and leveraging modern technology and learning models, we’ve created an education experience that attracts professors who are experts in their fields from around the world.

Teaching from real-life context and using current-day communications, professors are able to educate an equally diverse community of students in ways that are more effective and engaging. Through these proven and effective methods, students are better prepared to make a purposeful difference within their cultures and continents.
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Theology for
      a modern world

Grounded in an immutable theology, yet relevant      
for an ever changing world, Kilns offers three distinct      
Master of Arts in Theology programs. 

Master of Arts in
Social Justice

The only program of its kind, the Social Justice enlightens from a theological framework as a fundamental character component from the heart of God for those lost and forgotten in the margins of our culture.

Master of Arts in
Innovation & Leadership

Students learn how to unleash their God-given creativity and to shape a visionary and progressive leadership mindset. Leaders are trained to influence and shape a better world through agile leadership skills and design thinking.

Master of Arts in
Theology & Culture

Designed around a theological core accompanied with offerings in philosophy, art, science and history, enabling students to  engage in discussions involving the intellectual tradition of Western culture and the world.

A Master of Arts
    that’s agile, accessible
  & affordable

Unlike many rigid and time consuming traditional higher education models, Kilns Master of Arts programs are uniquely designed to respond to the individual student’s interests and availability. All programs can be completed in either one year through full-time or two years through part-time study. Our tuition is priced to ensure students receive the highest level education without incurring significant debt. Like our students, we’re not in it to get rich, but to change the world.
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