Certificate Of Social Justice 

Earn your graduate level certificate of Social Justice and learn to change the world.

Birthed from the same vision, Kilns and The JUSTICE Conference have been working side by side to make an impact. Now they are joining forces to bring you a one-of-a-kind learning experience that combines online learning with attendance at the Justice Institutes being held around the country.


Simon Kirabo, Uganda


"I now have a better understanding on the process of making disciples. It’s easier for me to discern my society, understand people’s issues and apply the best solution to their lives. Creating environments of grace where people are accepted for who they are and even feel free to grow through the system."


Nathan Brown, Australlia

“While I have worked in church settings for some years, this has been my first formal theological study and I have enjoyed it much. It has stretched my thinking and faith—but, more significantly, it has deepened me spiritually."


Jennifer Kindelin, USA

"Kilns has introduced me to so many great thinkers and writers in the realm of biblical justice. I have been able to read, interact with, and explore thinkers that I would never have encountered in my own personal study. I have appreciated walking alongside other learners, encouraging and challenging one another."


How Does It Work?

Starting Fall of ’18, complete 12 credits over the course of the calendar year and end with a graduate certificate that can be applied towards a masters program. 

Credits will be completed through both Kiln’s online classes*, and attendance at one of  The JUSTICE Institutes (Sep ’18) and The JUSTICE Conference (Spring ’19). 

*All courses taken through Kilns will be 100% online. We've designed an innovative approach to education that embraces today's online culture of interactive engagement. Lectures are recorded and are available at any time, and students connect with their professors' and peers through video call discussions. 


What is a certificate of Social Justice?

A certificate of Social Justice enlightens from a theological framework as a fundamental character component from the heart of God for those lost and forgotten in the margins of our culture. You will be studying and discussing topics such as…

  • Immigration

  • Government Advocacy

  • Criminal Justice System 

  • Women’s Empowerment 

  • Race & Equality 

  • Non-Profit Development 

  • War Ethics & Reconciliation 

  • Human Trafficking 

Who is this for?

The Social Justice Certificate Program is for anyone who wants to change the world. It’s for those that can’t stand by as injustice hits them in the face. It’s for those who desire to be a part of a community of students, professors, activists, humanitarians, theologians and individuals committed to learning and to changing a changing world. 

Your classmates will be NGO workers and ministry professionals. Your professors will be global thinkers and activists. Your community will be from all over the world. Your discussion will not be confined to the walls of a classroom; your voice will join hundreds of others to speak truth, love and beauty to a world in need and longing for a voice of positive transformation. If reading this makes your heart beat faster — this program is for you.

What does it cost?

The Social Justice Certificate Program costs $300 per credit. This includes admission into all of The JUSTICE Institutes and The JUSTICE Conference. Travel and hotel accommodations are not included.